Scotland is fortunate in having a network of ‘bothies’, or mountain shelters, in remote places, which can be used by anyone hardy enough to get there, and prepared to sleep on a wooden shelf!  Usually these are a few miles from the nearest road, and walking in with all your kit is a necessity.

With a Brompton there’s another solution: sling the bike in the car boot at the end of a long week, and head for the hills. If the bothy can be reached by a forest track, let the bike take the weight (in our case, this included 10kg of coal!)

Brompton’s frame suspension takes a lot of the bumps away, and a heavy food bag on the front block stops the handlebars jarring.

OK, I admit it, the track into Cadderlie (pictured) was quite a challenge. Loose stones from the nearby quarry, and some steep sections made it very difficult to stay on the bike the whole way, and for this bothy I think I’ll use the rucksack next time. But the principle remains – a sandy forest track and a Brompton can be friends, and save your legs and back a lot of pain.

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