Whilst on retreat on the ‘Black Isle’ (the section of E Scotland between the Moray Firth and the Cromarty Firth – not an island!) I went for a spin on my black Brompton, and discovered the wee village of Munlochy. For a small place it boasts an impressive church, an attractive gastro-pub, and a good view of Munlochy Bay, a sizeable inlet that cuts into the south coast of the ‘isle’. (Pictured, with ‘Beti-Du’).

I returned to Kilmuir (whose ivy-engulfed church hosts the grave of a former Minister of said church) along part of Sustrans Route 1, past the Black Isle brewery, and an impressive estate house – 17th Century? – which may be attached. 
This route took me back to the A9, thankfully on a path alongside, and quickly off again back to Kilmuir. The evening sunlight was breathtaking against the beech woods, and as ever, the Brompton helped me feel connected to the curves and the contours. I passed the forestry access to ‘The Ord’ a Pictish hill fort I’d climbed earlier in the day – again, a beautiful walk, and a rare chance to see the remains of Pictish ramparts – possibly even Iron age. I’d forgotten my bike lock, and nearly didn’t walk up the hill – but figured you can’t always find a good bike thief when you need one – so I abandoned the bike in the car park, and she was none the worse when I returned. Not everyone knows the value of a Brompton!

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