Once again the Brompton comes into its own on a brief weekend break.

I didn’t want to get the bike racks out, fit them to the car, load up the big bikes… instead, two minutes work, and two bikes fitted snugly into the boot of our small hatchback.

We went for a spin around Perthshire this morning (before the rain!), negotiating bumpy farm tracks, smooth country roads, and a short stretch of busy A road.

Vibration in the handlebars is an issue if you take your front tyre pressure up to the limit (my mistake today). 60psi is a good compromise between comfort and low rolling resistance. Another trick on poor roads is to load up the front carrier block with a weighty bag, which significantly dampens the vibrations. If you have to carry stuff, better there than on your back!

Of course, the built in frame suspension means your back (and backside) fare much better on a Brompton than a rigid bike, when you hit the farm tracks. Another win!

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