With my Alfine 8 conversion nearly complete, it seemed only right to replace my 10-year-old trigger with a new one for the Brompton. (top)

I wondered whether the change in shape of the new one would mean more space on the handlebar – one of the less good aspects of the Alfine 8 when you have the M-type bars.

Alas, the dimensions that matter are the same. It means that in order to accommodate the width of the trigger, the cable has to come down on the inside of the bar, meaning the trigger points more downward than usual.

Still, it works, and you soon get used to it.

But if you’re thinking of buying a Brompton to convert, can I suggest getting a flat-bar S type one? More room for the controls!

Having said that, with the gripshift version of the Ergon2 grips, you can still finish off the bars very nicely. Mine are in the post!


UPDATE: Ergon grips have arrived a work beautifully – the downward position of the triggers feels fine, and it all looks rather neat.

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