I’m delighted with the respray job done by Henderson’s in Edinburgh.

The next task was to take these six bits back to Biketrax, and have four new hinges inserted. Two of these allow the stem and top tube to fold; the other two form the hinge between the rear triangle and the main frame. The latter job can be done by an amateur, although I’m told it can be tricky. Renewing the stem and top-tube hinges on the Brompton require a special tool, and choosing the right size of hinge pin – there are slightly larger ones to allow for greater wear. All in all, I decided hinge replacement was best left to the professionals!

Laid out on the counter at Biketrax, the frame bits look impossibly small – is this really the bike that I’ve taken all over Scotland in the past 2 years? Yet the whole lot fitted in a single bike pannier!

Biketrax did a great job of putting the frame back together. I’m going for a bit of a black theme, so I also asked the guys to fit a black headset. ‘Beti’ is beginning to look like a Brompton again. The aqua blue I chose deliberately to fit between two standard Brompton colours on the colour chart – after all, if you’re going to all this trouble, why not make the bike look unique! (It’s Pantone 320C if you’re interested!)

Some of the closer details of the reassembled bike are here:


    • dunxmac


      I think you need a special tool to do this, like a huge chain tool which pushes out the pin. I got my local bike shop (Brompton dealer) to do it. Also, on an older bike, the likelihood is that the pins and sockets will have worn; there is a larger size pin available that can be used to replace an original pin, and possibly some filing has to be done to get the hole to the right size for the larger pin. So all in all I leave it to the bike shop to worry about – the integrity of the frame seems too important to get wrong!

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