Brompton have put together a neat little video describing what features are new for 2017.

Wider grip areas on the handlebars will mean a more comfortable ride, particularly for those who are trying to cram on extras such as grip-shift gear changers and Ergon grips.

The traditional spongy bar grips are retained, but are now bolted on, rather than glued – meaning you don’t have to wreck your grips to change brake levers etc. There is also now the option of a wider saddle.

Perhaps the most significant change is the redesign of the gear triggers, so they hang below the bar, instead of sitting on top. I had a chance to try these out at the Brompton Junction shop in London last weekend, and they are a definite improvement – though sadly stopping short of a two-finger action such as Shimano’s tap fire setup. The bell is integrated and more accessible.

There are also some interesting new lighting bracket options – including a saddle-mounted light, which gets round the problem of your seat-post light fouling the fold. Riders with long coat-tails will need to be careful they don’t obscure it when they mount the bike.

All in all, this is to my mind a set of welcome changes. I look forward to more spacious handlebars in future 8-speed hub conversions!

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