I bought my first Brompton two years ago, and ever since I’ve been hooked. It was a 1995 model, and in need of some tlc. In the past two years I have replaced almost every part – except the frame. I don’t advise this as a ‘cheap’ way in to getting a Brompton – but it is fun to know your bike inside out.

As part of this series of upgrades, I converted the bike to run with an 8-speed Sturmey Archer hub. More about the pros and cons of 8-speed hubs later. I’ve now converted four Bromptons in this way.

After two years of fun, it is now time to tackle the most shabby part of the bike: the frame.
The paint on a 21-year-old bike was never going to be great, and when I stripped the top tube removing a sticker from the 2015 Brompton World Championships, I decided the time had come to strip down and respray.

I started with a fully working bike (see above), and ended up with a pile of steel tubes, looking like a puzzle that had fallen out of a Christmas cracker.

The helpful guys at Biketrax Edinburgh suggested a respray was a good time to change the hinge pins, which after 21 years were likely to be worn. Removing them before the respray avoided the possibility of damaging the new paint surface when trying to remove them.

The frame is currently at the spray shop. More on this to come!

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